Anthony's story

I had my first golf experience as a litle boy. My sisters and I went together with my parents to a golf course. We didn’t really play golf  but we were hitting balls on the driving range and feeling great. 

I forgot all about golfing till I was 12. During our vacation in the south of France. We have a house there with a view on the golf of Valcros. Every day I heard players hitting balls and yelling once in a while “Fore”. 

My grand-parents left a few old golf clubs in the house so I asked my mum if we could go to the driving range. My mum explained the basics of the swing and now it was my turn. At first the ball were flying in all directions but suddenly I hit a ball 50 m and straight as hell! That’s when the golf fever caught me; the feeling that that one ball gave me was tremendous and I wanted more… 

Back in Belgium it didn’t take long before I was enrolled in a golf school. Taking lessons on a regular basis and playing competitions made me improve my handicap quickly. 

A year later I became a member at the Golf &Country Club Oudenaarde. Better facilities and a good pro enhanced my game even more. 

I really felt at home on a golf course and I quickly became aware of the fact that I wanted to make a living out of it. But to become a golfpro I had to, and still havet to,  become much better. 

My parents and I started to look for a solution and it came as the  Lee Westwood Golfschool in Manchester. During a year I played golf from morning till dawn having a positive effect on my game. But the school offered me a new experience too, the Golf Performance Bars! Our  fitness coach sold them.

In England it is often cold, humid and windy so I decided to give these bars a try. “Take a bite every three holes” my fitness coach said before I went on. I only bought one bar so after 9 holes I took my first bite and it tasted great. I had chosen the Superberry bar and it tasted like Granny biscuits.

The taste was okay, now the results… I continued, just as the coach had told me, to take a bite very three holes. After 18 holes I arrived at the club house without being hungry or tired. Just the score card now… 

The back nine were much better than the first… did that bar have an influence on my score? The next 18 holes I tried again, but this time I took two. The result was incredible, my best round ever! The Golf performance Bars had convinced me 


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