Are the Golf performance Bars healthy?

YES!  The first ingredient in our bars is oats, along with rice crisps, wheat and real fruit (Apricots, Blueberries, Cranberries, Goji berries and Raisins).  For our Chocolate/Toffee Chip bar we use Belgian Dark Chocolate – known for its incredible flavour and low sugar levels.  We then bake the bars which give them a taste and texture second to none.

Since we are all concerned with the saturated fat content in the foods we eat, the Golf Performance  Bars have only 9-10% depending on which bar you eat, which runs along the same guidelines that the government recommends for health.  If you’re using the golf performance bar while on the course, your body is burning the small amount of saturated fat in the form of energy from the bar!  Every calorie in these bars is utilized as energy- not one calorie is stored in your system!

Also, the Golf Performance Energy Bars are 100% natural.  There are no artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives.

Can Diabetics eat the Golf Performance Bar?

The majority of calories in the Golf Performance  Bar come from complex carbohydrates which do not cause the blood sugar to spike too quickly.  Diabetics can and do use these bars, but we always tell golfers to show the bars to their doctors before using them.

Can Vegetarians/Vegans eat the Golf Performance Bar?

Vegetarians can use all of our Golf Performance  Bar flavours.

Vegans can use the Fruit & Oat and Superberry Golf Performance  Bars.  The Chocolate/Toffee Chip Golf Performance Bar contains milk products and is  therefore  not suitable for our vegan customers.

How do you use the Golf Performance Bar?

Eat 1/3 of a bar every three holes particularly on the Back 9 when your body has an energy level deficit.

How does the Golf Performance Bar work?

As you consume the bar the simple carbohydrates (instant energy) release into the bloodstream for the working muscles and brain, while the complex carbohydrates (long term energy) get stored and then start to slowly release after around 15-20 minutes.  This gives the golfer a steady supply of the right type of energy which lasts for over nine holes.

Is a Golf Performance Bar better than a banana, healthy snack or sport drinks?

The calories in a banana last for 2 holes, and the type of energy you get from a banana depends on how ripe it is.  The riper the banana the more sugar it has and the faster it releases into the bloodstream. The greener the banana the more starch it has and the slower it releases into your bloodstream.  You would need to eat between 3-4 bananas for the energy required to play 9 holes of golf.

A healthy food bar is just what it says it is – something that’s healthy to eat. It is not made with any thoughts to what you need to get the most out of your golf game.  Normally, these bars are low calories and do not have sufficient carbohydrates (energy) for the game of golf.

Sport drinks are basically sugar water with a minimal amount of electrolytes (sodium, potassium etc).  Large amounts of electrolytes are lost during intense cardiovascular activity – long distance running, biking, sprinting, etc.

Is the Golf performance Bar ok for a female golfer?

Women may have less muscles than men but they work just as hard over 18 holes and need to replenish their energy systems if they want maximum performance.

What is the Golf Performance Bar?

The Golf Performance  bar is a multi-stage performance energy bar that has been developed for the energy needs of golfers only.

Why do the Golf Performance bars have over 400 calories?

Golfers are normally on the course for 3.5- 4 hours and during that time they will walk on average 4-5 miles, along with pushing a trolley or carrying their bags, practice swings, etc.  This means that a male of average height and weight will be using between 1000-1300 calories (larger males will use more calories).  Women use between 800-1000+ calories over 18 holes.

There are a certain amount of calories a golfer needs to re-fuel his/her system without making them feel too full or hungry.  Because my background is in sports kinesiology, I calculated and developed a bar that would slowly release energy based on the above.  With this bar, and when eaten a 1/3 every 3 holes, the golfer is able to satisfy those energy requirements without feeling hungry or full.

Why does a golfer need a specific energy bar?

The energy requirement for golf is different than other sports/activities.
The Golf Performance  Bars have the perfect amount of calories to give the golfer the performance energy he/she needs without having them feel hungry or full.
The bars have both simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates (your instant and long term energy sources), which will improve your game by giving you the right energy at the right time.
These bars are made from real food ingredients – oats, rice, wheat along with real fruit and Belgian Dark Chocolate – not powders like most energy bars.  This gives the bars a great taste which we always receive compliments on!
100% natural (no artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives)

Why You Should Eat The Correct Snack

This hole by hole guide shows you how eating different food snacks can affect your performance on the course.

As you can clearly see, the High Sugar snacks (Yellow) such as a Mars bar will give you sugar spikes. Your body and mind will react in the same way causing erratic behavior

Eating very little or nothing (Red) will cause your body and mind to take a downward spiral, causing your body to run out of energy and finally crash.

Eating the correct snacks (White) on the course keeps you body and mind in a consistent mode and keeps the mind clear and fully focused. This will result in good decision making and hopefully a lower score.





Golf Performance  Bars help you maintain your energy levels and will in turn help you perform better on the course.


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